Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look At Yourself

This is a very simple mental exercise from which many people have benefited. There’s nothing to understand. There is nothing to believe and nothing you need to change. The exercise requires only that you concentrate briefly. Just for a moment or two.

Just try to bring the focus of your attention into direct contact with what you would call “me.” For just a second try to see what it feels like to be you. You do need to try. This is not a passive exercise.

You are not the stuff buzzing around in your mind. You are not how you feel or what you may be thinking. Don’t worry about that stuff. It’s okay. But it is not what you are trying to reach.

Look underneath or beyond these things for something that has no qualities at all except that it feels like you. It is you. You might want to think of a childhood memory and notice that the feeling was exactly the same then as it is now. It never changes and is always there – it is you.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything. Contact may happen so fast that you don’t even notice it. It is the effort that counts. If something does happen or you do feel something that seems like you, don’t worry about that either. Just look for what feels like you and move on. It’s no big deal.

Even if this seems crazy, what is the harm in giving it a try. But please do try. Then just move on.

That’s it. Try it a few times, whenever it comes to mind. You may find that you are drawn to do it again. It is so simple. It can be done anywhere. It takes little time. It can’t hurt you. Just look and then resume whatever you were doing.

Over time – maybe a little time; maybe quite a while . . .

Well, you’ll see.

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